Written by Katharina Dalka, CEO StellarOne

Corporate strategy is the starting point of corporate development. It seems obvious, reading the previous sentence, but it is not.

I have been advising and managing deals for a fair amount of time and through my experience I have realized one recurring fact. No matter if it is with a client that worked with me on fundraising or regarding acquisitions that I have managed, the “where are we going with this?” question is not usually answered when I enter the process.

Nevertheless, answering this question is so essential. How can an investor trust you with their money if you do not know where your company is heading – and as a consequence how the invested money will be deployed? How can you justify spending money on an acquisition if you do not know why you are acquiring a company? What efforts are necessary to create synergies that foster integration?

Strategy gives you direction, it makes you confident when speaking about your business and inspires trust in the context of financial investments.

Strategy is not a “nice to have,” it is an essential management tool that makes your company successful.

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