The Art of Assertive Female Negotiation

Beyond offering strategic advisory services for tech, StellarOne has a unique training platform dedicated to women.

BIA, a brand by StellarOne, empowers women by educating them on the intricacies of negotiation. Become comfortable when engaging in conversations about money, forms of compensation, or other business deals. We believe that negotiations are not only about money, but also about creating options.

It is about opening opportunities to create a better life.

Who is BIA: Empowering Women

In Greek mythology, Bia is the Goddess of strength and power.

The online program course is dedicated to empowering women with the strength to handle any situation they find themselves in. Gain control over your workspace and your life with powerful negotiation skills.

An endeavour special to CEO Katharina Dalka’s heart, she is committed to breaking gender norms and overcoming barriers that stop women from openly discussing and taking control of financial matters. She teaches women how to decide on their terms.

No matter the phase you’re in, whether you’re improving your career, starting your first business, or enhancing your personal life, join BIA and learn to negotiate with power.

Negotiations Expert: Katharina Dalka

Learn from a seasoned professional.

Katharina Dalka has global firsthand experience in the corporate world, from Europe, to the UK, and Africa. Benefit from her extensive background as a founder of a corporate finance advisory firm, and co-founder and Chairwoman of a fintech startup and learn the fundamentals of negotiation.

She understands the challenges that women face in the corporate world. This platform is your opportunity to access a world-class negotiation education from a negotiator trained at Yale, Stanford, and by the Black Swam Group.

Trust in her knowledge and authenticity, and immerse yourself in training that is practical, relevant, and applicable to real-world scenarios.

“My mission is to empower women with negotiation skills that go beyond the workplace. I believe in the power to create opportunities and choices that improve lives, unique to your situation.


From securing fair compensation, to closing a better deal, or achieving a better work-life balance. I will provide women with the tools to confidently negotiate and create a better future for themselves.” 

Katharina Dalka

What We Offer: Course Content

This online course is made to design your life on your terms. BIA is accessible to all women as we must all learn how to harness the power of negotiation.

The course content is dedicated to entrepreneurs, women in male-dominated businesses, but also to those who seek empowerment for self-actualization in other fields. Gain tips for overcoming stereotypes in the corporate world, focus on negotiation strategies for career advancement, build your executive presence, and more.

What You Are Going to Learn
  • You will acquire a basic understanding of the negotiation process.
  • You will understand the cornerstones of negotiations.
  • You will have a deep-dive into the human aspects of negotiation.
  • You will untangle the male-female dynamics.
  • And you will get a special opportunity to train live with Katharina Dalka on a real-time negotiation exercise.
What You Are Going to Do
  • Acquire advanced knowledge of negotiation.
  • Deep dive into the different methodologies of calculating the right price for a good/service.
  • Calculate key performance indicators.
  • Focus on specific contracts.

Course Details

This is a dynamic course available online (coming soon) and as an in-person training. There is mixture of learning tools, ranging from tutorials, exercises to reflect on your relationship with money, doodle videos, readings, and more.

There are 5 Modules:

Relationship with Money

Understand the historical perspective of women’s relationship with money.

Technical Aspects of Negotiation

Learn about the technical aspects of negotiations such as batna, reservation point, etc.

Interpersonal Aspects of Negotiation

Avoid negotiating with yourself, gain insight into principled arguments, and find out how ambition drives behaviour.

Negotiation Preparation

Settings influence negotiations, but so does our emotional state. Learn how to manage emotions and control the situation.

Gender Dynamics

Hone the skills to manage conversational dominance through gestures, posture, and voice. Regulate your emotions, understand the authority dilemma, how to combat sexualization during negotiations, and gain tools to balance gender dynamics.

Online course: There are no deadlines to complete exercises. Learn at your own pace.

In-person course: Schedule according to customer demand.

Online course: Approximately 1 day

In-person course: 4-6 hours

Online course: ~2 weeks (including exercises and live training)


Live Session with Katharina Dalka.

Why Should I Take The Course?

Want to learn how to secure funding or a higher salary? Advocate for flexible working arrangements or parental leave? Overcome gender bias in the corporate world? Influence stakeholders and drive change? Or learn how to be resilient and assertive?


Learn from Katharina to unlock your worth, take control of your financial future, and design your life on your terms.

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