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Days after OpenAI fired its co-founder Sam Altman, more than 600 employees of OpenAI had signed a letter saying they may quit and join Sam Altman at Microsoft unless the startup’s board resigns and reappoints the ousted CEO. “Your conduct has made it clear you did not have the competence to oversee OpenAI,” the letter reads.

The unusual corporate structure at OpenAI gave those 4 people on the board the power to fire the CEO.

We have asked ChatGPT what the consequences of Sam Altman’s departure as CEO of OpenAI might entail, as it underlines the values of Operational Excellence. Yes, it’s a very easy trick! But how on earth could the board not have thought this through? You can check: all the points mentioned turned into reality.

Here is the extract from ChatGPT:

“As of my last knowledge …… If Sam Altman were to be removed from OpenAI,….. Here are some potential consequences that could be considered:

  • Leadership Vacuum: …
  • Strategy Shift: …
  • Cultural Impact: …
  • Stakeholder Confidence: …
  • Continuity Challenges: …
  • Talent Retention and Recruitment:…
  • Adaptability of the Organization: …

It’s important to note that these consequences are speculative, …. I recommend checking the latest sources for the most current information.”

As ChatGPT righteously pointed out, operational excellence is the backbone of any successful, sustainable business.

Excellence as a core value for StellarOne

At StellarOne, we are committed to producing and delivering the best or nothing at all. This is a commitment to excellence and a refusal to compromise for anything less than the highest standard.

Different situations require different levels of expertise. Sometimes good or generic is not enough. For example, a GP can give the correct diagnosis but might need to refer you to a specialist to identify suitable therapies. By focusing on a particular area, the specialist increases the level of proficiency and is committed to delivering the best possible expertise. We, at StellarOne, tend to see ourselves as brain surgeons rather than GPs.

At StellarOne, we specialise in corporate finance and strategic advisory in tech:

• with highly specialised service, getting to the core of the problem with tailored support to each client,

• delivering precise solutions based on thorough analysis,

• pushing boundaries beyond our comfort zone even if we have to dig where it hurts to get to the core of the problem, we take an assertive approach to problem-solving,

• driven by excellence not only as a goal but as a motivating factor for the team.

For us, excellence is not a buzzword or a synonym for “good,” it is a determination to achieve the highest possible outcomes, with strong specialisation, and a client-centric approach.


Following up on our CEO Katharina’s article on operational excellence, we have looked at how automation can help decision-makers reach operational excellence in an era of fast technological adoption. More specifically, we have looked at a CxO’s objectives in reaching operational excellence. Here is what they look for:

• A recurring, scalable revenue model

• Continuous product development

• Customer retention

• Efficient sales and marketing

As such, automation supports teams to reach these objectives. First, accurate and timely data can help finance teams with decision-making. It can also limit mistakes from manual inputs (spreadsheets) and free up decision-makers’ time. Automation and digital tools will enhance the customer experience by building a predictive model to anticipate future customers’ needs and develop future market-ready products. Continuous customer feedback, in return, will define a targeted marketing strategy while retaining existing customers. Ultimately, automation optimises team productivity to focus on revenue-generating activities cost-effectively.

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