What’s hot: GenAI regional approaches

Leadership is the central topic in our first newsletter and a core value here, at StellarOne. Leadership is also a crucial component in times of technological revolutions like Gen AI. Mistral is a French company that recently appeared in the headlines, releasing Mistral 7B recently, the first large free and public language model. It is an open generative AI model that can be downloaded by all corporations and individuals alike at a considerably smaller compute cost than the other “small” large language models like Llama 2 by Meta in the US.

But it also means the AI arms race is going on uncharted territory, without a global set of regulations that would be neither preventative nor coherent.

As Anu Bradford puts it in “The Race to Regulate Artificial Intelligence”, the US follows a “market-driven approach”, China pursues a “state-driven one”, and the EU believes in a “rights-driven approach”. At StellarOne, we are keeping a close watch on the many advantages and applications of AI and its harmonious development for humanity.

Discussion: The recent UK fintech investment strategy

Many of our followers have reacted to our post about The UK’s 1bn fintech fund, stressing the importance of scale and talent for a successful strategy. However, whilst it is relatively small compared to its American behemoth peers, it is a strong signal that the UK is on the path to institutionalise innovation and tech investments, intending to make its own way onto this competitive scene. As any leader would have learned, a small start is still a start.

Today, the UK remains firmly in the lead when it comes to Fintech in Europe (according to McKinsey and KPMG sources). However, the “only £1 billion” fintech fund is not the main challenge the UK faces to keep up with speed, what about people? Barclays Eagle Labs has been awarded the £12.09 million UK Digital Growth Grant but did not take on the endorsement role Tech Nation had for individuals with expertise in digital technology and who want to come to the UK under the Global Talent visa. Will the UK manage to remain the welcoming hub for the individuals who are innovators in Europe?

On Values: Leadership

This goes far beyond mere lip service. Leadership based on integrity, honesty and creativity is effective and sustainable over the long term.

Integrity demands ethics and transparency in conveying your thoughts, decisions and actions. A leader with integrity demonstrates coherence and reliability. Indeed, you can count on someone who remains true to their principles, even in difficult situations. A leader who demonstrates these values enjoys the trust of their team members and colleagues alike.

Honesty in a work environment implies communicating clearly and openly with team members. Here at StellarOne, we believe that human beings are fundamentally driven by emotions and honesty brings empathy in the business culture. A true leader knows how to share good and bad news in a straightforward manner and foster responsibility.

Creativity is the key to problem-solving. Creative leaders approach challenges with innovative solutions, encouraging their teams to think outside the box and explore new ideas, which can lead to breakthroughs and better results.

Creativity also implies adaptability, to adjust to new circumstances and seize opportunities as they arise. Creative leaders handle transformations more successfully and when leaders express a desire to explore new ideas, creativity is a source of motivation and inspiration.

To achieve leadership based on integrity, honesty and creativity as a company, the team must be as committed as the manager.

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