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Medical Realities: Driving Next Generation Innovation Through Strategic Partnership

Professor Shafi Ahmed, Co-Founder Medical Realities

There will be an estimated global shortage of 14 million healthcare workers by 2030 and there are large disparities in access to medical care and education. Medical Realities seeks to rectify this by making medical healthcare education and training more affordable and accessible, thereby helping to provide the fundamental human necessity of good healthcare for all.

Medical Realities was founded in 2015 with a mission to revolutionise global education and develop immersive interactive medical training. We have been so fortunate in being able to film over 100 surgical operations in 4 continents including lower and middle income countries to help democratise access to learning. We have also produced 30 objective structured clinical examinations and simulation as well as patient education tools and worked with global companies to deliver immersive learning experiences.

In 2016, I carried out the world's first live teaching operation in virtual reality which was watched by 55,000 students in 142 countries and 4,000+ cities using a Google Cardboard and a VR app on a smartphone.

Over the last 8 months of the pandemic we have seen an incredible amount of interest in our platform as there has been less face to face clinical teaching and our virtual platform is being rolled out both nationally and internationally. We have joined with StellarOne as our key strategic partner to expand our company and workforce to acquire new investment to be able to bring immersive training to healthcare workers around the world.


We are StellarOne, seasoned strategic and investment professionals based in London.

Focused on the technology sector, we advise investors and tech companies on all aspects of potential investment opportunities, from the viability of strategy and business plans, to the financial aspects of the investment on offer.

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