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Assertive Female Negotiations Training

Did you negotiate with a male counterpart and felt like you lost out to him? Do you feel intimidated when thinking about your next business appointment at the bank? Did you get a feeling of personal failure or worthlessness when sitting in front of an investor?

We negotiate every day, on numerous occasions – sometimes without even realizing. In the private environment, the stakes may still be manageable However, in the professional context, more important things are at stake: big deals, and ultimately the success of your company. This makes it all the more important to understand and implement the right tactics for successful negotiations. In a male-dominated business world, this can often be particularly challenging for women.

Objectives of the Training
  • Understand your relationship with money and how to improve it

  • Acquire a basic understanding of the negotiation process and its cornerstones

  • Deep-dive into the human aspects of negotiation

  • Untangle the male-female dynamics and learn how to manage challenging situations

  • Train with a real-time negotiation exercise

  • Shared experience with our founder Katharina Dalka and the group

Why StellarOne - Our Advantages
  • This training is specifically tailored for women

  • We provide a trusted and confidential space to exchange and ask questions

  • There is no need for prior training, we start where you start

  • The training is fully online, you can access from wherever you are

  • The presentation is interactive and there is time to discuss the topics

  • We limit the number of participants to 10 so that we are able to exchange on a personal level


Date: 15 November 2021

Time: 12pm - 3pm GMT+1

Cohort size: 10

Price: Entrepreneurs - £350, corporate clients/incubators - on demand

Book via; Dorothée will revert to you with all the details

You will receive the full training support, a negotiation toolbox with further learning resources and a certificate at the end of the training

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