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Our investor clients value our expertise and support to evaluate potential targets and enhance their portfolio performance. We support the success of our client's investments with our long-standing tech experience, our unapologetic approach and our bespoke services.

Ad Hoc Evaluation
Ad Hoc Evaluation
  • You have a technology target at hand and want a quick and uncomplicated evaluation to check if it’s worth pursuing.

We provide a quick assessment at the beginning of the investment process based on the market, the competition and the analysis of revenue streams. Our reasoned arguments will significantly help you to make the right decision in engaging further.

Business Partners at Work
Portfolio Assessment and Technology Investment Review
Target Search & Portfolio Assessment
  • You aim to explore new channels for the next profitable investment. Or you are thinking about your build-up strategy, but you are not sure what the missing pieces of the puzzle are.

We assist you in finding the right investment target and evaluate your portfolio, comparing it against the market and providing internal performance evaluation. Furthermore, we give hands-on advice on your enhancement


Business Meeting
Due Diligence
Due Diligence
  • You want to find the right value of an investment as a key component of the negotiation process.


We provide you with a detailed analysis of the market, the competition, the product or services landscape and the strategic vision of your target. Both, our long-standing experience and our specific vertical expertise in the field allow us to value technology targets to their fair value and avoid unpleasant surprises.​

Post Investment Enhancement
  • You wish to have a clearer view on the performance of your investment and enhance the dialogue with the management team and hence the value of your portfolio.


We give hands-on advice on your enhancement strategy and breach the gap when it comes to open questions between investors and investees. Furthermore, we ensure your investment is managed with consistency and with a structure future outlook in mind.

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