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Financial & Public Institutions

Our clients value our expertise and support in elaborating business cases and bringing them to life. We support our client's success with our long-standing Fintech industry experience, our concise approach and our bespoke services.

Strategic Value Creation
Fintech Strategy
  • You want to position your financial institution in the heart of the fast-paced Fintech market

  • You wish to have a detailed understanding on the movements in the market including knowledge of the main players and competitive advantages

We provide you with in-depth analysis of the market potential and competition you are facing. Furthermore, our experienced team will establish a clear strategic path with hands-on advice on the next step to turn you into a key Fintech stakeholder.

Financial Report
Mergers & Aquisitions
Incubator & Investment Vehicle Set-up
  • You wish to implement a program promoting Fintech, sponsored by your organisation


  • You wish to actively invest in Fintech companies and take part in the current market movement


From the set-up of an incubator program to the implementation of an investment vehicle, we support you in becoming a game changer in the Fintech space, promoting your organisation as a key player in the market.

Business Presentation
Financing Strategy
Fintech Stakeholder Management
  • Your organisation actively promotes Fintech and wishes to enhance its strategy in this space


  • You have ongoing investments in Fintech and wish to have a clear view on view on the performance of your investment and enhance the dialogue with the management team

We give hands-on advice on your enhancement strategy and breach the gap when it comes to open questions between investors and investees. Furthermore, we ensure your investment is managed with consistency and with a structured future outlook in mind.

Business Conference
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