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Our corporate clients rely on our expertise to support them through strategic change, including corporate structuring and M&A. We are highly regarded for helping our clients with investments that deliver a fair and profitable arrangement to both parties.

Strategic Value Creation
Strategic Value Creation

Increasing value creation is a major aim of funds and corporates; however, it can turn out to be very demanding.

Venture Capital & Private Equity

  • You want to enhance the value of your current portfolio


  • You want to reposition yourself in a different market or territory

  • You wish to identify new growth areas and opportunities in the short, medium or long term

We provide answers to your strategic questions, based on independent, focused and content-based analysis.

Mergers & Aquisitions
Mergers & Aquisitions

M&A Follows a complex and often challenging process, that requires experience and patience. It can easily overstrain your organization.

  • You wish to expand your portfolio or geographical presence via an acquisition​

  • You have already started an M&A process and need support for efficient execution and successful completion​

  • You plan a strategic divestment to focus on your core competencies and operations

From the identification of potential targets and initial contact, to deal closing and integration - We support your business on the buy or sell side.

Mergers & Acquisitions
Financing Strategy
Financing Strategy

Financing is a major concern at any stage of your growth curve.

  • You wish to get funding-ready and define your business strategy accordingly

  • You aim to get a new investor on board to scale up operations and develop further

We work with a broad network of investors and experienced finance professionals spanning Europe and Africa. This makes it easy for us to support the capital needs of your business.

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